Are you staying ahead of the competition? Is your team finding it hard to adapt to changes?

To survive, all businesses need to stay ahead of competition and market conditions. Change is not always easy, but, with our expertise and support, we can help you to see what needs to be done, present the right changes, make them happen, and make them sustainable.

We promote the development of your strategy into a strong, flexible, and efficient business model. We encourage and support your engagement with people: from staff members and customers to ethics and culture; from processes to policies; and from structure to efficiency. Our consultants have the knowledge, experience, and the transformation tools to ensure tangible short-term and long-term results.

We have worked with business transformation all over the world, particularly in the Middle East.

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Change arises for many reasons: mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, technology, product life cycle, organisational structure, or regulatory compliance. It can also be due to leadership, or strategic decisions taken to improve growth, or reaction to shifting market conditions.

These changes may need a new organisational structure, business culture and conduct. We can support you to clearly communicate these positive measures to drive the speed of change and implement the changes required.

We have extended our business development services to incorporate the assessment of your working practices, leadership style, and organisational structure to promote the expansion of your organisation. There are many growing family-run or privately-owned businesses in the Middle East, and changes to their management and structural systems can be complex.

We help you plan and scale your business, whether it is to increase the number of locations or employees, or to widen your production line, or to upgrade your IT support system. Our consideration is always given to the sensitivity of the situation and the importance of keeping the costs under control.

Mergers should never be lightly taken. The integration of two companies under one corporate mission is complicated: bringing together large groups of people with their own personalities, ambitions, behavioural traits, and ways of working, is challenging. The merger or acquisition may become a costly failure without a clear strategy, effective project management, and open communication between the stakeholder groups.

We can support you in making it a success through cross-team facilitation, strategic planning, sales and account team rebuild, business transformation and process re-engineering.

The driver for outsourcing arrangements can be one of many: cost-saving through focusing on core business, economy of scale, talent management, and so on. An in-depth due diligence procedure, irrespective of the reasons, will lay the foundations for a successful strategy regarding communication between employees, the transfer of people, induction, and on-boarding.

We can help you to avoid unnecessary surprises, by working with you from the start. A solid due-diligence process can achieve this aim, but, more importantly, our support will provide a positive experience for staff members involved in the transition. We will enable them to manage the change by accepting their old employer as their new customer.

An organisation’s culture can make or break a business. Your culture distinguishes it from other organisations. The explicit and implicit ways in which you conduct your business, and the values that your managers and your workforce hold are vital to success. Your operational culture not only determines how different levels of staff communicate with each other, but also how employees deal with clients and customers. Employees represent the integrity, fairness, honesty, trustworthiness, respect, and openness of your business. Success or failure depends on how they act and take decisions within an organisation.

Driving an organisation’s culture can be particularly challenging in the Middle East. It often has to deal with an expatriate multicultural workforce, young managers, or systemic unethical conduct.

We support companies to assess and develop a desirable culture that benefits everyone.

Surveys and polls are invaluable when preparing a variety of organisational change programmes. The numbers and facts invite a powerful and constructive dialogue to facilitate the changes within a company. The managers in Middle Eastern countries are often young, talented, possibly less experienced but very critical, and require transparent tangible data.

We present facts, analyses and assessments through our surveys and polls, which encourage an organisation to recognise its values and expectations – thus creating a true sense of urgency for change.

Survey content and questions then become a natural part of leadership development – they help management to articulate leadership values and ethics, to agree on the necessary action, to monitor progress, and to take the initiative in implementing changes.

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