Consistent responsibility drive behaviour in companies which in turn generate business wealth and profit for shareholders, employees and stakeholders at large.

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming increasingly important as customers, consumers, governments and the public demand credible business practices, prevention of fraudulent accounting, cessation of labour exploitation, and so on.

The perception and reality of an organisation’s social responsibility can therefore influence its competitive advantage and reputation. It supports your ability to attract and retain employee talent, customers, clients or users. A socially responsible company increases employees’ morale, loyalty and productivity, influences the views of investors, owners and sponsors, and affects its relationship with different stakeholders; companies, governments, the media, suppliers, customers, and the community in which it operates.

Vita Consulting actively engages in formulating Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and policies related to sustainability, CSR reporting, anti-bribery and anti-corruption issues. These policies align with values and enable you to grasp the competitive advantage that CSR can provide for your business goals.

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Different companies face different stages of implementation of their CSR strategy; some may decide to adopt a systematic approach by using ISO 26000, while others may choose a targeted strategy by focusing on the priorities within particular areas.

We offer implementation of ISO 26000 and apply the CSR Standard with the best possible support. ISO 26000 allows you to use a worldwide accepted CSR tool that will boost your international business and make you an attractive supplier for international clients.

Companies taking their social responsibility seriously often want their suppliers to do the same throughout their supply chain.

We offer corporate social responsibility audits of your partners and suppliers as third party associates, and ensure an independent and objective process and outcome. This might be according to the company’s own supplier policy, or according to UN Global Compact, ISO 26000, or any other policy.

We can support you in implementing the processes and the necessary culture to guide your organisation at all levels – from the board of directors to the employees. We develop these processes by focusing on the organisation’s structure and reporting tactics by using scorecards, target systems, role descriptions, authority matrixes, and performance evaluation tools.

We have the experience to deliver these structural requirements to companies practicing various cultures and at different maturity levels.

Diversity and inclusion ensures that everyone in your organisation feels involved and empowered, regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or education. This can be particularly challenging in some parts of the Middle East, as organisations are dependent on a multi-cultural, expatriate workforce, with a naturally constant turn over.

We can help you run assessments, training and change programmes, to encourage and accept diversity and develop a successful business culture.

Arabian Gulf countries have become increasingly reliant on migrant workers, while also experiencing an unprecedented unemployment ratio among their young nationals. The local governments are taking measures to ensure that corporate entities are bearing their share of responsibility for employing nationals in their organisations.

We help you to implement the right strategy for your nationalisation projects and to develop an inclusive culture for national employees to be efficiently integrated into your workforce.

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