Your team is key to us, therefore we tailor all our leadership and team development solutions to meet your specific challenges and business needs

Your requirements are unique, whether developing your leaders, teams or securing desired culture and inclusion. We mix and match modules and develop corporate programmes. Our solutions will enable you to address individual and organisational needs simultaneously.

We have the experience in bringing together elements that will drive your business strategy at the same time address your special circumstances with regard to organisational culture, business ethics, multi-cultural teams, talent retention, national workforce engagement, gender inclusion and so forth.

To get it right, we combine our training activities with assessments, surveys, coaching, workshops, team building events and support your internal communication.

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The main reason that people leave a company is because of poor or weak leadership and the culture within a business, both of which go hand-in-hand. We support you in developing your leadership team, promoting the ways of working together, and providing training to achieve a suitable organisational structure.

Using a mix tools such as assessments, workshops, coaching and hands-on support, we develop managerial and leadership skills in three key areas: targets (establishing objectives), engagement (connecting with the organisation) and execution (delivering on time).

Driving sales performance is not just about tailoring your bonus scheme – we help you to train and motivate your team. Our coaching process works with team members in the field and helps them to realise their full potential.

We deliver training, sales coaching, talent selection, sales and account management improvement, and process development.

We offer tailored leadership development, management training and coaching designed to meet your needs and budget.

We can also offer an internal coaching programme. Your leaders are trained as in-house coaches to enhance their leadership style and the confidence and ability to coach upcoming leaders within your organisation. These programmes not only become part of your leadership development plan, but also increase knowledge-sharing and cross-departmental working relations.

Leadership across cultures can be very challenging: communication styles, decision-making, time management, and risk-taking, vary significantly. The right approach depends on cultural norms, values and beliefs, as well as dealing with virtual teams, multi-cultural teams, integration of teams in mergers and acquisitions, or a local team in a new country,

We offer development programmes that recognise cross-cultural sensitivity and global skills that will help you to build constructive relationships and to communicate more effectively through assessment, executive coaching, team facilitation, workshops and training

Gender inclusion and equality have become an increasingly important topic. We deliver training, workshops and consultation to support organisations in addressing the topics of gender inclusion. We also provide dedicated leadership programmes, workshops and coaching for women who are taking up senior positions.

We also offer workshops for Western women, as part of our specialisation on the Middle East. Women from Western countries often show concern about how to best engage with gender topics in the Middle East: whether it is through business development or team management.

We also provide a range of training packages linked to our transformation consultancy, which include the fields of marketing, communication, human resource development and cross culture awareness.

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