Vita Consulting Services Ltd was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003 and has developed a global clientele over the years. Vita Consulting’s specialisation is developing businesses, teams and leaders working in, or with, the rapidly changing environment in the Middle East.

We pride ourselves in bringing a portfolio of services, methods and tools that offer valuable contributions to an efficient workforce for our clients globally or working within the cultural context of the Arabic-speaking region.

Our proven methods and tools not only offer best practice but also implement practical and bespoke business development solutions.

To build profitable and sustainable businesses. Our portfolio of services, methods, and tools are tailored to suit the cultural context of our client.
Our mission commits us to:

  • Add value to our clients’ organisation by developing their businesses, organisational methods, and leadership for profitability, efficiency, accountability, and sustainability.
  • Support the integration of corporate social responsibility principles into their core strategies, policies, programmes and actions.
  • Meet the specific needs of each of our clients, by introducing solutions to develop e business and expertise with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Be adaptable and flexible according to our clients’ requirements, in order to promote our mutual efforts in building their businesses and productive organisational structures.
  • Be satisfied with our proposals when our clients accept our approach, methodology, research, communication, deliverables, and fee structure, and enjoy the positive results of our input.
  • Feel like winners only when we see our clients achieving profits through 100 percent responsible management.


With extensive international and regional experience, the Vita Consulting team offers the ability to deal with crucial and unique local topics such as efficient and sustainable governance, practical organisational ways of working, leadership development and promotion of a multi-cultural workforce, adapting to nationalisation, diversity and inclusion, and introducing cross-cultural understanding.

  • Viveka Anderton
    Consultant, trainer, facilitator, researcher and coach – specialist on the Middle East
  • Yahya Ismail
    Film Director, coach and NLP Practitioner
  • Shereen Sabry
    Organisational transformation and HR consultant
  • Kari Lawless
    Instructional design consultant - eLearning specialist
  • Jan Melsen
    Corporate trainer, coach and lecturer.
  • Gabriella Fägerlind
    Consultant and Researcher – Diversity and inclusion specialist
  • Deborah Dunham
    Change and organisational development consultant – speciality NGOs, heritage and cultural centres.
  • Mustapha Koriba
    Consultant, trainer, coach and mentor
  • Asma Badawy
    Consultant - Supply chain and procurement transformation
  • Inas Farid
    HR Consultant, assessor and coach
  • Moneer El Nagar
    Consultant - HR an HSEQ specialist
  • Sally Girgis Højberg
    Consultant - governance and ethics
  • Corporate brand and identity facilitator
    Arthur op den Brouw
    Brand consultant – designer, coach, facilitator
  • Nancy Hayes
    Consultant – commercial and sales operation transformation

Upcoming events

The CSR Company International

Vita Consulting participates in various initiatives and organisations related to research on organisational and leadership culture and values, youth, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, management, CSR (ISO26000), ethics and trust in the Middle East.

We proudly represent a number of companies, such as CSR Company International in the area of assessing and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility using ISO 26000 and supplier code of conduct assessments.

Our Partners


Partial clients list:

  • BT
  • Crown Relocations
  • DOW
  • Energya
  • Ericsson
  • Flint
  • Granite Transformations
  • Harrods
  • Nestle
  • Nokia
  • Mentor Group
  • Misr Pharmacies
  • MTN
  • New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Novartis
  • Olympus Medical Systems
  • Omantel
  • Pera Consulting
  • Sadara
  • SAGE Publications Ltd
  • SKF Standard Chartered Bank
  • Stora enso
  • Syngenta
  • The Brooke Hospital for Animals

Vita Consulting supports you in building profitable and sustainable businesses. Our portfolio of services, methods, and tools are tailored to suit the cultural context of our client.